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If youíre anything like me, you love New York, but hate paying New York prices. Eight bucks for a beer!?! Four bucks for a lousy slice of pizza? How about a hotel room for $650 a night?

Having visited NYC for years, and then having moved to the city, Iíve quickly learned where a lot of the good deals are hiding. Iíve found the places that have $2 and $3 beers. Yes, there are places you can get a decent slice of pizza for a buck. And yes, you can usually find a hotel room for under $200 a night in Manhattan.

So Iíve begun this site as a service to my fellow frugal city-dwellers or city visitors to help you save money in the city. From Happy Hour specials to 2 for 1 dining deals and hotel specials, this site is here to serve you.

Not every place in New York will break the bank. I hope youíll also contribute to this site when you find a hot deal in town. Kindly email it to, or via AIM at "nycheapskate." Also, if you want the weekly digest of good deals in NYC, you will soon be able to sign up for our e-mail newsletter!

Thanks again for browsing. Please bookmark this site, as it is updated frequently !


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