NYC Dining Specials

Apolo Restaurant on LES - $5 to $8 dishes with large portions!

Need a cheap dinner spot on the Upper West Side? Have Cuban food at this establishment on Amsterdam Ave.

Alligator Lounge, featuring FREE pizza! Awesome deal in Brooklyn!
Really decent burgers from $3.75 on UWS
Prix fix, fancy French food, for $28-$42 for up to five courses!
Nice 24/7 diner in Chelsea to go on a rainy afternoon
Burger, fries and beer for $10 for lunch? In midtown? Wow!
Chill cafe on Broadway btw 140&141, chill and cheap place!
Best pizza in NYC, $5 off your meal
Great Peruvian sitdown place, offering generous portions and cheap prices. Various locations throughout city.
Cheap, quick lunch in midtown
E. 60th diner -- really cheap, good food... Try Gene's as your go-to spot
Cheap Chinese food in midtown! Bangkok Grand Palace
Cuban-Chinese food on 78th! Sandwiches for $5; soup for $2.35!
$6.75 burgers in the West Village::: Corner Bistro; yum!
Cheap Italian food in ... WEST VILLAGE ... you read that right...
$2.50 for delicious Chinese bbq food on LES!
Cheap Italian restaurant on the Upper East Side
UWS cheap Cuban food; great sangria for free
Awesome Indian-Pakistani food for $5 or less in E. Harlem!
Buy a beer, get a pizza (no joke)
$4 burgers downtown, you've gotta be kidding...
Burgers $1, Shots $2, Beers $3 in MIDTOWN.
20% off your dining bill at a fancy midtown restaurant!
2 slices of pizza + 1 can of soda for $2.75 near Astor Place = Awesome
Delicious and filling Mexican food between 139/140 at El Toro Partido!
Awesome Indian food in East Village - $5.50 plates!
Nice sitdown restaurant on UES, spend less than $20 pp!
Puffy's -- $5 pizza in Tribeca West
$6.50 burger place in midtown, plus cheap beer!
Save $30 at a fancy steakhouse in midtown!
Cheap Taco Restaurant on Upper West Side
Cheap burger place in Harlem...burgers for about 3 bucks!?
Wings & more in the fashion district, for $4 -- great happy hour deal from Mustang Sally's!

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