The Subway Inn

Subway Inn
143 E. 60th Street (3rd/Lex)

The Subway Inn is as divey as it gets the perfect place to go after a rough day at work, or a rough day unemployed. Judging by the bathrooms, this place is a legit dive not the kind of place you'd want to go with the shits. As one patron put it ... "Id rather go in a subway station."

The good thing about this place is that it will remind you of New York's past the 1980s and early 90s, when crime was high, and prices were low. It's dark and dingy, and that's what many New Yorkers like. Unlike many of the bars in the Upper East Side and its neighboring bars in midtown east just a few blocks down, this bar has character all its own.

You won't find happy hour specials here every hour is apparently happy hour at the Subway Inn.

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