The Patriot

In or near Tribeca
110 Chambers Street
New York, NY

Near WTC

CASH ONLY !!! This awesome dive bar between Broadway and Church St. in Tribeca kicks others bars' butts... offering incredibly cheap drinks and ridiculously priced food. $7 for Bud Light pitchers and $6.50 PBR pitchers means Greeny will forget his name after an hour at this place. These are weekday specials, but weekend prices aren't much more.

Ladies, you'll notice this bar is adorned with used bras whose owners are conspicuously's the deal: you give up your bra or panties and you drink for free all night long. Sorry guys, this sexist policy means no boxer shorts.

Overall, this place is awesome. The atmosphere, and the bartenders (those who have been there know what I'm talking about) make this place well worthwhile. Best bar in Tribeca we've found, hands-down, and definitely among the best dives in NYC.

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