Mamoun's Falafel

Dishes start at around 4 bucks

119 MacDougal Street
Bleecker & W. 3rd

Located on MacDougal Street in the West Village, Mamoun's has awesome and cheap food… try the falafel for just $2.50. Mamoun's salad of lettuce, onions, parsley and tomatoes will set you back just $2.50. The bigger dishes run about $4.95 to $10, though the shish kebab and chicken kebab are just $3.75!

One of the great things about Mamoun's is that, unlike many places that hugely mark up drinks, you can still get a small soda for .75, while a large is just $1.25.

Editor's Note: Special thanks to @amichetti for correcting us on the prices ... we do our best to get everything straight, but do mess up sometimes. Thanks, Adrienne!

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