Chelsea Square Restaurant

368 West 23rd Street

There is just something about diners that captivates us whether it's the wait staff that appears to have worked there since the 1970s, or the bright fluorescents that light up the tables, there are few places that come close to an enjoyable dining experience than diners like the Chelsea Square Restaurant.

CSR is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and serves up delicious and affordable fare, including a $5.55 burger (note: no fries with it), salads starting at $3.50 and breakfast sandwiches from $2.75.

We suggest you try the JUMBO cheeseburger with fries, for $8.95. It'll fill you up without completely emptying out your wallet. The desserts are also amazing, and start at about $3 each. CSR also offers free delivery in the neighborhood, for those of you not wanting to partake in the diner experience.

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