Finding the right job that'll pay the bills

The job market is tough out there.

Finding a good paying job in this economy is like finding a four leaf clover -- they do, in fact, exist, but it's not quite as easy as going out and picking one out.

So where to begin? Well, it certainly helps to network, network, network. Yes, you've been hearing that since high school, but it is absolutely true. Oftentimes the reason one person gets hired over another is just what connections a person makes that the other doesn't have. So go to as many networking happy hours as you can find. If you find out your roommate is going to an alumni networking event, ask him or her if you can tag along.

So as for getting a job from the Internet .... well, good luck.

Sites like, and all advertise like landing you in a dream job will be easy and painless. Very few success stories come from those postings. Instead, consider going directly to companys' websites in which you are interested. Take the time to learn about their business a bit and think -- what are they looking for?

If you aimlessly apply to a thousand different positions without tweaking your cover letter or resume, you'll get a thousand rejection letters/non-responses.

Our advice -- get on, a Facebook of sorts for job hunters and networkers. Don't be afraid to use your connections -- people from high school, college, the bar the other night -- they generally want to help others out, as they feel good about themselves (and some companies pay referral bonuses of up to $5,000).

In the meantime, if you are down on your luck and cash, take a low-paying job that involves lots of customer interaction (coffee shops, restaurants, etc.). Be friendly and politely express interest in the customers without being too nosy. A person generally makes up his or her mind about you in seconds, and you never know who the next person you pour coffee for will be.

Good luck!

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