Dating on a Dime, cont'd

Dating in New York City can be an expensive proposition. Not everyone is Donald Trump, or Bernie Madoff. Thus, when it comes time to take a girl out on a date, it oftentimes becomes an instant cost-benefit analysis -- is she worth it? What else can I do with the money? A night out on the town can easily run $100, multiply that by two, and you're going to be paying penalty fees on withdrawing from your 401(k) soon enough.

Fortunately, is here for you. Some inexpensive ideas for you and your date:

5. Go to Tony's DiNapoli on 43rd near Broadway.
This classic family-style Italian restaurant offers dishes that will easily serve two to three people. Yet, it is fancy, serving the Broadway crowd before showtime. $23-$25 for a dish for two people at a nice restaurant; try to do better than that somewhere else.

6. Window-shopping on Fifth Ave.
So many nice stores she'll want to browse, being a champ and showing you're patient will make her love you even more. Beware-- girls like to shop, so if you're seriously dating this girl, she might try to coax you into paying for something, in which case this plan could seriously backfire on you.

7. Ice skating in Central Park
Ice skating during the winter and into the spring in Central Park's Wollman Rink provides an inexpensive and fun way to enjoy an afternoon or evening. Just watching the skaters on the ice provides enough amusement in itself.

8. Laugh it up at a Comedy Show.
For about $40 for the two of you, you can get admission and your 2-drink minimum at most of the comedy shows throughout the city. Each show runs approximately 90 minutes to two hours, and provides plenty of laughter. Just try to avoid sitting up front, unless you want to be picked on by the comic.

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