Dating on a Dime

Dating in New York City can be an expensive proposition. Not everyone is Donald Trump, or Bernie Madoff. Thus, when it comes time to take a girl out on a date, it oftentimes becomes an instant cost-benefit analysis - is she worth it? What else can I do with the money? A night out on the town can easily run $100, multiply that by two, and you're going to be paying penalty fees on withdrawing from your 401(k) soon enough.

Fortunately, is here for you. Some inexpensive ideas for you and your date:

1. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge.
Sunset from the Brooklyn Bridge provides an amazing vantage point -- you have a 360 degree view of midtown, downtown, the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn and much of Queens. Walking the entire bridge at a leisurely, date pace, will take about 30 minutes each way, and will no doubt complement some nice conversation.

2. Take her to Staten Island aboard the Staten Island Ferry.
Guess what? The ferry is free of charge, and gives closeup views of the Statue of Liberty, and faraway views of Manhattan and Jersey City. The ferry takes 22 minutes each way, so you can easily make the trip in an hour. To not seem like too big of a cheapskate, you may opt to take her to dinner in Staten Island, or at least a couple of drinks between ferries.

3. Central Park walking date.
In nice weather, Central Park is an oasis from city life. You are guaranteed to see something unique whenever you go. For $8 a person, you can check out the Central Park Zoo, or you could splurge and get a horse-drawn carriage ride. But ultra frugal daters may just opt to walk around the reservoir, through Strawberry Fields memorial, and around Columbus Circle.

4. Museum Weekends!
Bank of America offers an amazing promotion on the first weekend of every month to BofA cardmembers only -- present your card at a handful of museums throughout the city and get free admission . This includes the MoMA and the Bronx Zoo.

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