Bus travel for the frugal


You'll also want to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled departure, as these bus services have been known to sell tickets last-minute, and during that same last minute, displacing those who already have paid, and are running to catch the bus. Despite dealing with traffic, snobby drivers and smelly bathrooms, there are very real reasons to opt for Megabus.com and Bolt Bus-- the savings! Here's a quick sampling of what tickets would cost you, based on booking two months in advance:

Delta Shuttle, LGA BOS $149.19 R/T
JetBlue, JFK to BOS $99.20 R/T
LimoLiner, NYC to Boston $178 R/T
Amtrak, NYC Boston$158 R/T
Fung Wah, NYC to Boston $30 R/T
Megabus, NYC to Boston $12.50 R/T
Bolt Bus, NYC to Boston $20 R/T

*All fares tested via online booking systems, May 26-27, 2009 travel date; tested March 31, 2009

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