Shippin' Off to Boston

Boston is the perfect weekend escape

Window Shop on Newbury Street: Visiting the different stores on Newbury Street, you can become immersed – and your credit card can too, if you’re not careful. That’s why we suggest it as a recreational thing – check out some of the cool stores but don’t actually spend much (or any, if you can avoid it) money.

Take a Tour of Fenway Park: For about $10, you can walk around the storied field the Yankees’ arch enemies play on. See where Ted Williams sat in the dugout, and see the Green Giant up close. Fenway is one of those gems you just can’t miss.

Go to Sissy K’s: No, it’s not a gay bar, like you might expect. This bar offers $1.50 Bud Light drafts every day of the week! It’s truly the best deal in the city. But get this – from 5 to 7 on weeknights, they offer free food during happy hour! That’s right, some nights it’s chips and salsa, other nights they will have pasta or even chicken! Free apps, easy sell.

Although most of the mainstay bars and restaurants in the area are expensive, you need to find the ones more hidden from view – those are the ones the locals tend to go to more often, so they’re less likely to jack up the prices for tourists. You’ll quickly discover Boston has a lot of layers – many of them hidden – and you can easily find bargain places for food and drink.

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