Shippin' Off to Boston

Boston is the perfect weekend escape

Going up to Boston is one of the true joys a New Yorker can easily and cheaply take advantage of. Located just four hours by bus or car, Boston is among the most easily accessible cities to New York.

Although popular modes of transit include the train, the plane and yes, the automobile, the cheapest and generally best option for getting from city to city is Megabus or Boltbus, the gimmicky-dollar-fare buses. Book early and you can get fares for as low as $1, though the average fare for a roundtrip bus ticket will probably be $15-$22 if you don’t book early enough.

Once in Boston, there are many things to do that are relatively cheap, or even free. There’s Quincy Market and Faneuil Hall along the historic Freedom Trail, the stuffiness of Harvard and MIT just a subway ride away in Cambridge, and of course the Irish bars of South Boston. There is so much to do that a weekend just doesn’t seem like it’s enough.

Where to Stay

Consider couch surfing. There, you can stay for free while meeting people and getting to know the area better through your interactions with those folks. Offer them a place to stay when they come down to the area.

If you’re hell-bent on a hotel, try using Priceline’s “Name Your Own Price” to get a hotel room. Using the tool, you can save up to $100 or more on a hotel stay. See our page on Priceline bidding for more info on how to smartly bid.

What to do

Go to the Boston Common: You can easily kill a few hours on the Boston Common. During summertime especially, there are always activities and games going on, and plenty of interesting characters to watch as they move about their day. The Boston Common is also steps from Cheers, the bar made famous by Sam Malone and crew on NBC.

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