Cheap Rent?

Maybe not, but good deals are hiding if you look closely


Our tip is to try craigslist. Beware broker's fees, as some brokers even pull the sneaky "no broker's fees" listing on CL to garner business, only to pull you in and then show you a kickass apartment you really want, and are then pressured to pay up for it. If you do fall into that situation, try to negotiate down to a half-month. Many agents are hurting right now and will gladly accept your offer of a half-month rent for their fee.

To save more money, look for rooms listed on craigslist that have more roommates … if you end up in a five bedroom apartment with four other roommates, you'll be splitting all your bills, from cable to heat, right down that many ways. The cost savings are dramatic – assuming a $150 monthly utilities bill, you will be slapped with $75 a month with just one roommate, or $30 a month if you were to live with four other people. That's savings of $540 a year just by agreeing to live with more people.

Finally, consider either Jersey, Astoria, or Brooklyn as an alternative to ultra-pricey Manhattan. Yes, the commute sucks into the big island, but you'll save incredibly by choosing a comparable-size place in Astoria (where rents average closer to $600-$800 from Manhattan's $1,100 to $1,300 (for one-room in multi-room apartment).

Good luck, and give us a shout on Twitter @nycheapskate if you need any advice ;)

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