Cheap Rent?

Maybe not, but good deals are hiding if you look closely

You got that great job in the city. Now it's time to get a sweet-ass apartment to impress friends and family with. You look at a few places. $1200 a room, then $1400 a room. Then you realize how little that exorbitant amount gets you.

Welcome to New York City.

The good news is, it's a renter's market at the moment. With many jobs being axed in the recession that hit in late 2008, NYC brokers are now scrambling to fill apartments that would normally be easy to rent. One particularly hard-hit area is the financial district in lower Manhattan. There, apartments are already cheaper, since it's a less-desirable neighborhood to live (it shuts down after 6 p.m.), and you'll get more space than you would in midtown or UES.

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