How to Save $2500 per year

NYC is pricey. That doesn't mean you can't save $2500 easily


Every Saturday, go to O'Lunney's in midtown, and order 6 Bud Lights. They're $5 apiece, not too bad for Times Square area.

That's $30 and $36 a night, respectively, assuming you tip $1 with each drink. Keep up that routine and you'll spend $3,432 per year on your 12 Bud Lights per weekend. But you've also gotta eat.

Burgers are easy enough to compare, so you get a cheeseburger both nights of every weekend (we don't recommend it, unless you want to have a massive heart attack).

At Prof. Thom's, the cheeseburger with fries is $9.95. At O'Lunney's, you'll pay $11.95. That'll be about $12.50 and $15 with tax and tip, respectively. The grand total for 52 weeks will be $1,430 for your burgers.

Now, using's extensive list of dining and drink deals, let's look for ways to save some money.


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