How to Save $2500 per year

NYC is pricey. That doesn't mean you can't save $2500 easily

New York is among the most unaffordable cities in the world. $1,000 a month will get you a closet-sized bedroom in Manhattan. It's not unheard of to easily spend $150 or more in a weekend just to stay entertained. This is where comes into play.

This site is built with the notion of posting regular specials and deals to help you save a lot of money on entertainment, lodging, dining and travel. After all, not all of us are Bernie Madoff and have billions in swindled cash.

As proof, here's a simple example of how you can save more than $2600 a year in entertainment in New York City:

First, assume you spend $150 a weekend in entertainment (that's $7,800 a year based on 52 weeks). Second, take two typical Manhattan bars (Professor Thom's near Union Square and O'Lunney's in midtown).

Every Friday, go to Prof. Thom's, and order 6 Bud Lights. They're $4 apiece, not bad you're saying to yourself.


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